The Hound of Scranton: A Fan Fiction Assignment

Taking place in the paper monopoly Dunder Mifflin and the haunting fields of the Schrute Beet Farm, where murder and mystery abound, Detective Holmes and Dr. Watson must work quickly to solve the case of The Hound of Scranton.


Michael Scott as Sherlock Holmes


Dwight Schrute as Dr. Watson

Jim Halpert as Henry Baskervilles

Ryan Howard as Jack Stapleton

And Pam Beesly as Beryl Stapleton


With appearances by…

Erin Hannon as the scheming Eliza Barrymore

Creed as her brother, the mysterious vagabond lurking in the halls of Dunder Mifflin

The CPR dummy/Dwight again as the late Sir Charles Baskerville

Stanley Hudson as What We’re All Thinking

Dwight as literally everyone else

And Dwight’s four-legged doppelgänger as the terrifying? hound!

Join Holmes and Watson as they fight crime…

fall off the grid…

learn about the curse of the Baskerville family…

And even face off with the Scranton hound themselves.

What will happen to the iconic duo? Found out this fall in The Hound of Scranton!

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